28 Day Keto Challenge – My Honest Review

Hey! It’s Elaine.

If you’re like me, a person struggling with constant weight gain due to aging, I’m sure you’ve tried out so many diets out there.

So many diets and so little success. It seems like your body just decides to stop processing fats after you turn 23, doesn’t it?

Or is it just me?

Not that I was ever some sort of health enthusiast with a model body. No.

I never paid much attention to my weight, other than not to overeat myself.

I could afford to eat junk food, snacks, ice cream, everything without any major change in my body.

But that all changed once I turned 23-24.

After that, it seemed like everything I ate wreaked havoc in my body, both inside and out.

I started gaining more and more pounds as I got older, but they weren’t concerning me that much.

But here’s when everything changed – I got pregnant. With twins. Every mother out there knows what this does to your body. And my cravings…oh, those.

They were everything sweet, and pizza. That’s all I wanted to eat.

As you may guess, I ended up 40 pounds heavier after my pregnancy and taking care of my twins became my single priority in life.

I forgot about myself and my body, that was always in the back of my mind.

Up until they started school. I somehow convinced myself that every woman was like me, no taking care of herself.

But then I saw all the other moms. There was no one like me.

They all looked as young and pretty as ever and there I was, covered with XXXL clothes.

The moment that stuck with me the most was when I was asked how it was giving birth after 30?

I was 29 then…I realized I looked almost 40 because of my weight.

That’s when I started my search.

I tried every diet I could find and I had literally no success with any of them.

Even if I did lose weight, I gained it all back in a few weeks.

It was so irritating that it began taking over my life.

But then I heard about a keto diet, something that makes your body burn fat and boosts metabolism.

There were so many success stories so I decided to explore a bit deeper into it.

That’s when I found the 28 Day Keto Challenge program.

That was the turning point in my life and I want to share with you everything I’ve learned in my journey.

So, let’s begin.

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1. What is the 28-Day Keto Challenge?

The Keto Challenge is not actually a diet as many may think.

It’s more of a guide on how you can change your lifestyle and habits in just 18 days and feel better and healthier than ever.

The main focus in this challenge though, is on the diet, meaning what you eat and how you eat it.

It advises you on how you can implement a low-carb, high-fat diet that will bring your body into a stage called “ketosis”, which is our bodies’ normal metabolic process that burns stored fat for energy.

What this means in plain words is, make your body feed off of your stored fat!

What I really liked is that once you purchase the program, you download it to your PC and that’s it!

You have access to your keto challenge program whenever you want! And then, you can laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Basically, you’re able to take your diet planner wherever you go, something not many programs can brag with.

After hearing so many success stories from everyone around me, and reading them on the internet, I felt tempted to press “purchase” immediately.

I desperately wanted to be part of those success stories, be like those people talking about how good they feel and how their lives have changed.

And to be honest, the price was so affordable that I didn’t even think twice after seeing it. I bought it. And, here we go…

2. Overview of the 28-Day Keto Challenge Program

So, once I pressed “purchase” and downloaded the program, I gained access to an abundance of guide books, programs, plans, advice, and manuals.

I’d love the explain every one of them in details, but that would take 10 pages (and I’m probably not allowed), so I’ll just briefly go over of what each of them contains:

Keto Diet Basics – The first file of the program was a mini guide that helps you set yourself in the right mindset.

It teaches the basics of the keto diet, how it was developed, how it works, a few tips for success, foods you can enjoy, and more.

Some of the topics covered in the book included keto diet basics, keto diet goals, how you can get started with supplies, some tips for success, and foods to enjoy and avoid.

Eating Well On Keto – This guide is all about the recipes and foods, how and when you should eat.

It has some of the most delicious 10 breakfast recipes, 14 lunch recipes, and 14 dinner recipes, plus a companion 28-Day Meal Plan calendar.

I actually really thought I wouldn’t like the food, but here I am…LOVING IT.

Staying In Ketosis – Now, the whole point of the diet book is to make your body stay in the ketosis stage.

This guide will teach you how to get into ketosis in only 3 days.

But the thing I was worried about is “how will I know that I’m actually IN ketosis?”.

This guide had me covered on that as well.

It explains in details how to know if and when your body is in ketosis, as well as helpful tips for staying in ketosis longer to maximize your weight loss.

Mastering Macros – Something I was very confused about is how to calculate the nutrients and know the exact nutritional value of each food.

What this guide taught me is how to calculate how many grams of protein, fat, and carbs I was eating each day, and how to use this information to stay in ketosis.

Beating Keto Flu – What the “Keto flu” is and how to make it go away if you experience any symptoms.

Intermittent Fasting – In this section, you can learn about 5 different styles of Intermittent Fasting to effectively start your ketosis and accelerate fat loss.

Social Situations – I know we are all worried about how we will deal with our cravings when we’re out.

I used to think that when you’re on a diet, you can only eat previously prepared meals and strict guides and that restaurants and bars are a complete “no-no”.

But, I was (yet again) proven wrong by this guide.

It helped me discover healthy ways of dealing with social pressures, gave me some useful tips for eating out and guidelines for drinking alcohol (God bless).

Besides all the basic 7 books, what I also gained was 3 bonuses. One of them was my favorite part of the whole program, and you’ll see why in a bit.

Bonus: Guilt-Free Desserts – If you’re like me, then you love desserts. I think I wouldn’t be able to live in a world where there are no desserts. So you can guess how happy I was when I saw the title. And there is not like one recipe, or 5, not even 10. There are 36 dessert recipes! All of them are as delicious as you imagine them to be, and all of them will keep you in ketosis.

Bonus: Yummy Avocado Recipes – Avocado is the diet goddess, so you get 5 unique and delicious, keto-friendly ways to prepare avocados.

Bonus: Keto Supplements Guide – If you could make a list ranking the best keto supplements…oh wait, there is no need to make it, you already have it FOR FREE.

Here, you will receive a list of 12 of the best Keto supplements that will help you transition to ketosis faster and make the Ketogenic diet more effective.

3. Advantages of the Program

If you’ve been reading up until here, I think it’s obvious that I’m absolutely in love with the 28 Day Keto Challenge program.

There are just so many benefits of it that I can talk about them for days, but I will mention only a few to give you an idea of what you’re in for:

It targets fat directly – Unlike many diet plans that include many unhealthy ingredients that cause our bodies to store fat, the Keto Diet promotes eating the right foods that don’t store fat and boost our metabolism into spending the fat we do have in a faster and healthier way.

Easy to follow meal plan – I’ve always struggled with other diets’ meal plans.

I never knew when I can cook the foods and how to combine the ingredients, but with this program, everything was laid out so simple so anyone can understand it.

I knew what I was supposed to eat at exactly what hour of the day.

Delicious recipes – Let’s all admit it, most diet cookbooks suck.

I can’t eat plain, unseasoned food every single day.

How am I supposed to keep up the diet if I hate the diet itself?

That’s why I love the fact that in the 28 keto challenge cookbook I didn’t only have meal plans, but also tasty recipes for desserts, avocado recipes and much more.

60-day money-back guarantees – What I love about money-back guarantees is not that I can return the money I spent on something, but that it’s a sign that the product someone is selling is reliable and trustworthy. The seller is basically saying “there is not a chance that this won’t work”. Plus, since the whole plan lasts for 28 days and the money-back guarantee is 60, you can try it out for a second time, if the first one didn’t work (which I highly doubt it will).

4. Disadvantages of the Program

Of course, nothing in this world is perfect, and that includes the 28 Day Keto Challenge.

However, unlike other diets and weight loss programs for which I can make a whole list of negatives, the 28 Day Keto Challenge has only a couple…two actually:

Only electronic versions available – I would advise them to do is include a physical copy of the book.

Not everyone likes electronics, so it would be nice for them to have a book they can carry with them.

But this is obviously not something big or not even diet-related at all.

You need new clothes – You may laugh at this, but this is seriously a problem.

I had to refill my closet with completely new clothes since none of the old ones fit me anymore!

Not to mention, this does cost quite a bit. What I’m trying to say that make sure to have some shopping savings on the side for when you will need the new clothes.

5. The Verdict

I was hearing a lot about the Keto Challenge in the months prior to me trying it out, but there never seemed to be some website or diet plan/program that explains it in so many details and so simple as the 28 Day Keto Challenge.

I can’t even begin to tell you how supported and guided I felt throughout the whole diet.

There was never a second that I didn’t know what I should do, how to do it, and when.

The program has so many parts and elements explaining every aspect of it that I think it’s practically impossible to get lost in it or be confused about something.

Even if you do have some questions or concerns, just open the guides, I’m sure you will find your answer in seconds.

And yes, I understand, not all diets are compatible with every body type.

But the Keto Challenge is not even a diet. It’s more of a guide into teaching your body how to burn fat faster and remain healthy at the same time.

You’re not forced to do exercises, follow strictly planned meals. You’re not even required to follow every guide in it.

There are just options for those that want to lose weight faster. All in all, it’s so simple to follow.

If someone told me a few months ago that I’d be able to lose 40 pounds in 2 months, I would’ve burst down laughing at them and tell them they are out of their mind.

But here we are now, living the reality I would laugh at. And I really did lose 40 pounds.

I never thought I’d be able to, or even if I did, I thought it’ would be by undergoing surgery or following scrupulous diets, exhausting exercises, and whatnot.

I can now walk with confidence everywhere I go. I can now buy whatever I want. I can put on my favorite dress from when I was 22!

Yes, 22. I never thought I’d wear it again honestly, I just kept it as a memento from the day I met my husband.

But guess who’s wearing it on their 12-year anniversary this weekend?

This girl right here.

And it’s all thanks to the 28 Day Keto Challenge program.

So, go ahead, try it out. I know you can do it. And when you succeed, make sure to send over some photos!

I’d love to see the new you!

Don’t forget to check and see if the discount is still available here <<.

Thanks for reading this review about the28-Day Keto Challenge.

I hope it answered any questions you may have but if you do have any questions please do feel free to leave me a comment below…

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