Hurom Juicer Reviews 2020 Buyer’s Guide – Are They A Waste of Money?

Even though there are plenty of good juicers to choose from, people who expect higher quality and affordable prices are certainly familiar with the Hurom Juicer brand.

This amazing brand makes a variety of juicers including the Hurom Elite cold press juicer and also the Hurom slow juicer, but one of the best sellers is, of course, the Hurom HH Elite series.

The elite series includes vertical juicers that have already received multiple awards but more importantly, customers seem to love them based on the satisfaction reports and reviews.

Getting your nutrients is important so having a juicer really comes in handy. In this article, we will discuss more the Hurom Elite Juicer and you can see whether it fits your needs and standards.

  1. HUROM HZ Slow Juicer

As mentioned, one of the more popular juicers is the Hurom HZ slow juicer that features just about everything that you would expect from a juicer.

This particular one has an extremely durable, stainless steel casing that does a great job protecting it from scratches or any kind of damage but more importantly, it goes well with the modern styled kitchen.

It also features very well-designed LED indicators that you can adjust and control the settings along with the ingredient chute that can be sizeable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The machine itself is very quiet and most of the users find it relieving that there’s no noise as there is with the standard blenders or juicers.

However, the best part of this juicer is definitely the speed.

The Hurom HZ Slow Juicer works in a way by rotating at a speed of 43 revolutions per minute and it is designed to mimic the motion of squeezing a lemon or an orange by hand.

As a result, you will enjoy much faster results and have your fruits and vegetables used maximally.

The juicer can be a little on the expensive side but if you have the budget, this juicer is definitely one to have on your mind.


If you think that the slow juicer is not the one for you, then, you should see the Hurom H-AE Juicer.

A lot of the features that make this juicer so special is that is extremely easy to clean, it features a stylish design and also imitates the process of hand squeezing a fruit.

Although it is quite similar to the HZ slow juicer, there are some things to be considered about this version of the juicer.

When comparing the two, it seems like they are basically the same and the customers have a hard time choosing which one comes to the top of the list.

At the end of the day, HZ Slow Juicer won the hearts of many of the people because there were many issues reported with the H-AE juicer in one series.

H-AE does get out a huge yield from the ingredients you use but the pulp is quite damp compared to the HZ slow juicer which means that a little juice was stuck in the fruits and vegetables still.

Other than that, it is still a great juicer that a lot of people were lucky to have bought it.


This particular juicer was picked as the best juicer for the money since it is much more affordable than the previous two options while still being equally good at performing and remaining top quality.

The Hurom HH-SBB11 juicer does not really have the ‘’hand squeezing’’ effect as the two previous ones did but it does operate at a very gradual pace and produces juices that are super rich in flavor and nutrients.

The great thing about it is that it features a self-cleaning option and includes a safety lock, ensuring the machine will only operate if all of the parts are securely placed and fastened so it can work properly.

Some wonder why this juicer didn’t win the hearts of people as the other two did.

There are a few reasons for it.

The first thing is that there were some struggles with it with softer fruits and vegetables as kiwi.

Also, it produces a lot more pulp than the other two which of course, is not as important to some but it sure is for those who want to get the maximum nutrients and juices from their fruits and vegetables.

If we put this aside, the HH-SBB11 juicer is still an appealing option and is lower cost compared to the two other juicers for the buyers that want a quality juicer and still save up some money.

  1. HUROM HP SLOW JUICER, MINT                    

What is interesting about the Hurom HP Slow juicer is that it doesn’t use any blades.

Many of the customer reviews said that they bought it to try it out and months later are still using it for most of the daily juicing tasks without any trouble at all.

The personal series such as the HP juicers are designed to meet the everyday juicing needs of a person while at the same time, is designed out of 100% BPA free materials.

Hurom’s Ultem strainer is probably 8 times better quality than any other plastic and there are no sharp edges in the machine that make the machine dangerous to use.

There’s a strong safety sensor that allows operation when the chamber is assembled correctly in the machine.

The cooling system of the machine features an integrated heat vent that prevents overheating and there’s also a fitting sized feed chute that will keep the ingredients easily.

The juicer is perfect for hard and soft produce including citrus fruits, nuts, and leafy greens and you can even make sorbets with great yield.

Hurom has a 150 watt AC motor that is extremely quiet and the rotating speed reaches 43 RPM which maintains that perfect, peaceful environment.

It is also exceptionally easy to clean and does come with a 10-year warranty for motor and 2-year warranty for the parts.


Getting a quiet juicer or blender means a whole lot these days.

Just like the other Hurom juicers, this model has a very low noise level so you can easily get up early in the morning, make yourself a great cup of juice without having to worry that you woke up somebody.

TheHurom H-AA slow juicer also uses the latest technology of the brand that meets all the juicing needs that a person has.

It comes in a very modern design and is available in three colors.

The juicer is quite sturdy and is made of impact-resistant ABS material with a strong Ultem strainer.

These features of the juicer are made out of strong plastic which is 8 times stronger than average usage.

Once you purchase your juicer, you will get three new strainers as well.

The strainers allow for a pulp-free juice while there’s also a course strainer as well which comes in handy when you want to make smoothies, soups or simply enjoy a little pulp in your juice.

You can also make delicious food for your little one or stir up some amazing frozen fruit desserts when you are craving for a healthy but tasty dessert.

The juicer comes with a control lever which results in maximum compaction.

By using the lever you can extract more juice and will have an easier time opening the hopper when the lever is closed by half because the positioning will help release the pressure in the chamber. Once you open the lever, you will get a clean chamber.

When you buy the juicer you will also get a Tofu mold along with a recipe book with hundreds of delicious recipes!


The cold press juicer by Hurom is loved by the customers that don’t want to waste their time cleaning the machine. the entire cleaning up of the juicer is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Unlike some of the other models, you won’t have to scrub the small strainers to remove the remaining pulp.

The new design of the strainers includes long grooves that will make your job easier and you will only have to rinse the parts in water and that is the entire cleaning process.

The pulp outlet of this juicer is also extremely easy to clean.

You just have to open the outlet up to 180 degrees which makes it easy to clean the chamber by simply removing the pulp.

What the customers also enjoy is that they don’t have to deal with messy counters all the time because of the design of the juicer.

The juice outlet along with the chamber has a 3-degree tilt for easy pouring which why you are less likely to spill the juice.

The juicer has two plastic strainers together and produces a slightly more airy and smooth juice compared to the other Hurom models.

You will get a higher yield with this juicer because of the slow squeeze technology thanks to its technology that delivers fresh and unprocessed juice.


This model of the Hurom juicers is a slow juicer as well with a self-feeding hopper.

This kind of juicer is really simple and convenient to use since it has an automatic blade that pushes the ingredients down which makes the entire process effortless.

The juicer is wonderful for people that are in a hurry since it’s faster than the previous juicers that we described before.

It rotates at 60 RPM while the others have a speed at 43 RPM but you can still get the needed nutrients and fresh juice because the juicer utilizes the same squeezing motion.

This model has a very smart design with multiple user-friendly features.

Despite the self-feeding hopper, the juicer has a pretty clever pulp outlet that can be discharged vertically which is why the container is below the chamber.

This design makes up for a great space-saver on your counters.


If you are tired of dealing with juicers that deliver wet pulp, then you should get the Hurom HZ Slow juicer.

It is specifically designed to extract every possible drop out of the fruit or vegetable which will leave you with a bone-dry pulp.

The juicer will provide you with some great juice yield and there will be no waste.

It has a very low-speed motor and a silent AC which you can use at any time of the day.

What makes this one special is that it can handle multiple juicing actions for thirty minutes and you will always get a new course and fine ice cream strainer that you use to make up different recipes and make different variations of the juice.


Hurom claims that this juicer has a ‘’supercar design’’ because the outer case of the juicer was designed by the business unit of the world-renowned Italian design firm that is responsible for Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. 

What also makes this juicer different is the fact that it combines the slow juicing technology and wonderful machinery design.

The juicer is versatile enough and can handle anything from fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens and you can even use nuts and soybeans to create nut-based milk.

It also has an inner spinning brush that is designed to reduce the clogging of the machine and will shorten the cleanup time.

Hurom’s Slow Squeeze Technology

The Hurom juicers offer superior juicing results compared to their competitors on the market as mentioned above.

The slow squeeze technology of Hurom is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the mastication technique.

The juicers work quite slow and ensure that the juicer produced as much nutrients as possible and high-quality juice.

This includes the nutrients that are prone to rapid oxidation such as Vitamin C.

How Does A Hurom Juicer Work?

In order to understand how juicers work, we first must explain the difference between centrifugal juicers and mastication ones.

Mastication juicers work by squeezing and crushing fruits and vegetables and therefore produce juice.

The Centrifugal ones work by spinning the ingredients at a very high speed and separate the juice from the pulp.

The Hurom juicers work on a slow method by gently crushing the ingredients in order to get to the juice that contains a lot of nutrients.

They push the pulp through in a special strainer which is designed to separate as much juice as possible so the users can get high yields and dry pulp.

Once this process id did, you are ready to enjoy your delicious juice.

Pros of Hurom Juicers

The Hurom juicers have very powerful motors. One major element of importance is the powerful motor design.

This makes sure that the juicer can handle hard fruits and vegetables.

Another great feature of the Hurom juicers is the standard 10-year warranty on their motors and they offer a 2-year warranty on other parts.

The Hurom juicers use the mastication method in order to extract the juice and this will give you the improved nutrition and increased juice yield.

The compact design of the juicers another important element for people that have very limited cabinet space.

Most of the juicers can fit in a standard cupboard when not in use.

Another great advantage is that the juicers are BPA free and this is a great benefit for everyone that is concerned about harmful and chemical exposure.

Cons Of Hurom Juicers

The negative side of the juicers includes the long juicing time. it takes longer to produce your juice because of the slow juicing technology that helps to give you a high juice yield and as many nutrients as possible.

Another drawback of the juicers is that they can be a little bit costly compared to other brands and models.


In this article, you will learn about everything you need to know before you decide to buy a juicer and you will find it extremely helpful if you read the reviews of the product and decide which juicer to buy.

  1. Size

Of course, you should always consider the size of the juicer especially if you have a smaller space or a smaller cabinet.

Choose something that will fit in your kitchen workspace or cabinet and make sure that you put it in a position that will be easy to handle the amount of juicing that you want to do.

  1. Quiet operation

Some juicers can get extremely loud. Always look for a model that has low noise levels and enjoy your juice early in the morning or late at night without having to wake anybody or stress over loud noise.

  1. Ease of use

Make sure you always get a new juicer that will be easy to use. You don’t want a juicer that is difficult to assemble and disassemble.

Setting up the juicer has to be easy to handle because you will be taking each part out to clean it up quite often. 

Some juicers even have simple features that will enhance your entire experience so control the titled chambers and levers that will make the usage of the machine easy.

  1. Easy cleanup

Maybe one of the most important things to look for in a juicer, is how easy it is to clean.

Some juicers can be messy and hard to clean, especially for the strainers.

Hurom juicers have elongated grooves for quick pulp removal and there are other models of the juicers that have self-cleaning mechanisms that will lessen your clean up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the juicers dishwasher safe?

Most of the pieces of the juicers can be washed in a dishwasher. There are some sensitive parts such as the screen that require hand washing.

Do I have to cut ingredients before feeding into Hurom juicer?

Some of the ingredients that you will use in your juicer may require a little trim down and if this is the case you should simply cut them into smaller pieces before putting them into the juicer.

Are Hurom juicers suitable for making nut milk?

The Hurom juicers are perfectly suited for processing nuts into milk.

Why should I drink cold-pressed juice?

Cold-pressed juice has a lot more nutrients and you will get a high level of vitamins and enzymes unlike the other types of juice.

How long can I preserve cold-pressed juice?

Cold-pressed juice can last from 2 to five days but you should not store the juice for more than three days because it will lose most of its nutritional value and vitamins with each day that passes.

What are the benefits of regular juicing?

The regular intake of fresh juice will do wonders for your digestive system, especially if you are on a diet that often consists of processed foods. Although you might notice a few changes initially, you will fully experience the juicing effects after 14 days including:

  • less bloating
  • high level of energy
  • improved bowel movement
  • improved skin

Final Verdict

With a powerful motor and a strong brush system, the Hurom Elite is a high-quality juicer for anyone that wants to make a lot more juice.

You can even mix drinks right in the juicer without the need of other pre-mixing.

It will produce a huge amount of dry pulp which will only be an indicator of how much juice is being extracted from the ingredients.

The safety features will make sure that you won’t injure yourself or the machine during the process of making a juice.

This should seem like a deal-breaker for those that are safety conscious and that looked for a juicer that can function well.

The Hurom Elite juicers will work on multiple foods such as berries, apples, and oranges but will also work with leafy greens such as kale and spinach.

This can be done because of the slow-turning auger and with the stop valve you can pour and juice nuts and soybeans to make milk or other drinks.

The pulp control dial will help you customize the degree of the juice extracted from the pulp and this is important for the different kinds of juices.

The slow juicer will make quality juice for people that need their daily dose of nutrients and vitamins with high-quality technology.

Hurom is a leading brand of juicers and can remain clog-free for many years thanks to its rotating brushes.

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