Relieve Wrist Pain and Improve Flexibility in 2 Minutes!

Have you ever stopped to think about how much you use your wrists every day? Spoiler alert: it’s probably more than you think.

Sending WhatsApp messages, swiping left on tinder and even driving your car- these things all put a lot of strain on your wrists.

And, when you begin to consider how often you repeat these movements, you’ll realize how quickly these little movements can add up!

For many people, it’s not until we get a wrist injury that we understand how vital this underappreciated joint really is to our daily life. 

Some are even unfortunate enough to suffer from conditions like RSI, carpal tunnel or tendonitis because of excess wrist strain.

These conditions can be problematic to treat and make simple everyday activities like brushing teeth and opening doors painful and difficult.

If this ever happens to you, it might be tempting to push through the pain and get on with your day but, frustratingly, what your body needs is rest.

Yes, not exactly what you want to hear when you’ve got a million things on your to do list, but, trust us, a day of rest will pay dividends in the long run.

The constant action will cause further inflammation which will sustain the problem, meaning it takes longer for you to be fighting fit again.

Some conditions, such as carpal tunnel even require medical attention and can take months to heal.

If you’re a busy professional, you’ll want to make sure you can avoid this kind of inconvenience in your life.

Luckily, there are preventative measures that can be taken.

this is an image of exercisingLike most things in life, exercise is key and the most effective way to keep your wrists fit and healthy is by doing a consistent daily wrist work out.

To help you help your wrists, we’ve created a simple stretching routine that you can do anytime, anywhere to avoid the inconvenience of unwanted wrist pain.

Since finding time to exercise is difficult in our busy modern lives, we’ve kept it short and simple.

This routine is so easy that you can do it once or twice a day- even while you’re stuck in a traffic jam, or waiting on the kettle to boil- and still make a huge impact.

Our routine will help stretch and warm up the overused muscles in your wrist. Plus, the movements are simple and easy to do, even if you don’t exercise very often.

All we ask is that you concentrate on your form and carry out the movements slowly and with precision.

It’s not a race and different bodies are capable of different things. Over time, your flexibility will improve and your wrists will become more mobile.

But, poor form from the beginning will lead to further injury- which means even more time out of action.

If you can, we recommend doing these wrist exercises in the morning as part of a daily meditation routine.

If you concentrate on your breathing while doing it, you’ll start the day refreshed and with a clear head and more mobility in your wrists.

Plus, the best way to make something part of a consistent daily routine is to find an enjoyable way to do it.

Consistency and daily practice are key to happy, healthy wrists and a more productive life! 

It’s time to start giving our wrists the love that they deserve.

Start dedicating a block of space every day to doing some basic stretching activities so you’ll never be out of action!  It’s easy to find two minutes, even in the busiest of days, to say thanks to our joints.

Make today the day and ensure that you can rely on your wrists for years to come.

Let us know, have you ever struggled with a wrist injury?

Perform this stretching routine everyday for wrist pain relief.

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