The Paleohacks Cookbook Review – Here’s What I Really Think!

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I’ve always been one of those people that kinda wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, but kinda loves her snacks and pizza too.

When I was younger, I tried leading a healthy lifestyle, but snacks and fast foods always got the better of me.

To be honest with you, I love fries, pizza, chips and every other snack so much that they often replaced my meals.

And I won’t look for excuses, it wasn’t because I didn’t have the time to cook healthy meals.

I was just bored of bland salads and unseasoned meats that were called “the healthy foods” and would always pick a tasty pizza over them.

Plus, I’m terrible at cooking so preparing complex meals was a challenge for me, and fast food delivery was…delivery.

Okay, okay, I was lazy. I admit it. But I really did try!

I also used to read a lot about healthy diets and healthy lifestyles regularly, but I gave up and stopped doing that too.

But, my body doesn’t stay young forever. And I learned that the hard way. Once I turned 30, everything body-related started going downhill for me.

While I didn’t put much weight on, I began to see the results of my unhealthy way of eating.

I started getting tons of cellulite, stretch marks and loose skin all over my body.

Because my skin was looking dim and gloomy, I looked older than my age, so I started dressing like a middle-aged woman to cover the loose skin on my arms and the cellulite on my legs.

And I certainly didn’t feel middle aged! But the reality was such…I really looked like that.

I’m a very self-conscious woman and this really started to bother me.

I was analyzing my body in the mirror every day to the point that I lose every confidence in it.

I looked around me and saw all my friends looking so good and healthy, going out to clubs and pools, and there I was…grumpy ol’ me, all covered up.

As time passed, I lost confidence to the point I felt…less. I don’t know how else to explain it.

Everyone started getting worried about me. The bubbly person they knew that always made jokes about everything, that was fun, outgoing, and talked to everyone was now withdrawn and quiet.

They kept asking me what was wrong, did anything happen, but I kept lying to them that everything was okay, when it was clearly not.

I had one of my closest friends come up to me and ask me directly…”Is it because of your body? Do you think you don’t look pretty?”

This was the last straw, the drop that spilled the glass.

I broke down and sat down with her to tell her everything that was going on and she helped me tell everyone else.

The amount of support I received from my friends was overwhelming.

They all tried different ways to help me, whether by talking or by giving me recommendations on how I can improve my life. One of them sent me a link to a Facebook group about some Paleohack diet.

It had quite a few members in it, so I started reading what they all had to say about it. The feedback about it was very positive I must say.

Everyone had amazing results in a short period of time, and not just physical as in, losing weight, but also health improvements.

Many told their stories about how they managed to cure conditions such as diabetes, weak muscles and chronic fatigue, which are very difficult to overcome.

There was one pinned post about a cookbook made according to the diet, so I opened that link. As I read more and more about the cookbook, I realized it was the right choice for me and I decided to order it.

I made a promise to myself that I will commit myself to it and change my life completely.

Turns out that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

If you want to know my journey, my whole amazing experience is explained below…

What is the Paleohacks diet and cookbook?

The whole point of this diet and the cookbook made by it is to return people to the “original way of eating”, meaning, to the way we’re supposed to feed our body and get nutrients from.

Refined foods, preservatives, and additives are a regular ingredient in many foods we consume, and these chemicals weren’t in the food of our ancestors, a time where heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and other conditions didn’t even exist.

That’s not a coincidence, but a result of the healthy, organic food they ate.

That’s the way we’re supposed to eat in order to stay healthy. As our ancestors.

And no, that doesn’t mean raw meat and leaves. I thought so too until I got the cookbook. It means eating the right food your body needs, but cooked properly so all the nutrients stay in it.

What’s included in the Paleohacks Cookbook

Let me tell you something. I’m a bit of a frugal person.

Even though I make a good living with my job, I always look for a bargain anyways, so you could guess how happy I was when I saw there was an offer at the Paleohacks cookbook website.

The full price of the cookbook along with the 4 additional manuals was $162, and I got them all for only $13! All the bonuses were completely FREE!

And guys, wow! I wasn’t just lucky to get them for free as a gift, but they were so amazing and helpful that I just have to tell you all about them.

So, here is a breakdown of the complete collection:

The PaleoHacks Cookbook –If I’m being honest, I really suck at cooking.

Many of my attempts at cooking ended up in eating delivery food again because I messed up something in the process. But, in this one-month cookbook the whole process of preparing and cooking the meals was explained step-by-step with photos and everything, so even I could cook them without burning the house down.

There are over 125 delicious healthy meals to choose from, written by healthy, organic food lovers, prepared only with fresh ingredients that don’t have harmful additives in them.

What’s interesting that this cookbook proved to me that dieting is not about starving yourself, or eating bland, boring foods as I previously thought.

The meals can actually taste as good as they look.

What I really loved about the cookbook is that it’s divided into different categories of meals – snacks, soups, salads, meats, omelets, and even deserts.

Whenever I was craving something, I knew exactly on which page to turn and have a variety of foods to choose from. And the best thing about them?

The special categories. Just as a sneak peek – it includes pasta and sandwiches!

Who would’ve thought that pasta and desserts would be on diet menu…

this is an image of the paleohacks cookbook

The 4 bonuses consisted of the following:

The PaleoHacks 30-Day Jumpstart – this jumpstart guide was a great way to get me in the right mindset and get motivated to do better every day right from the start.

The Eating Paleo at Restaurants Guide – We all know how confusing it can be to go out to a restaurant with friends or relatives while you’re on a diet.

When you get the menu, there are so many choices and you sit there, clueless about what to order.

Not all of us are certified nutritionist to know which foods are compatible with our diet and which are not which is why this restaurant guide was made.

I was able to freely go out and know exactly what I can order without disturbing my diet.

The Paleo Foods and Fails Guide – Groceries and the infinite struggle with buying what’s best for us and our diets go hand in hand.

But, with this guide, I got a clear, compact list of my most important groceries, so whenever I entered the supermarket, I could get everything I needed without spending a fortune on foods I will waste.

Additionally, there was a list of the seasonality of the foods and the periods when it’s best to eat them, so I could know when to get everything as fresh as possible.

The Paleo 4X Cookbook – If anyone of you is as busy as I am, you will know that sometimes, preparing meals for hours in the kitchen can be an impossible task.

But by having this cookbook with recipes containing only 4 ingredients, I was able to always prepare food according to my diet plan.

There are 65 different quick meals in it, so I still haven’t managed to cook them all, but what I’ve tasted so far was even better than restaurant-bought meals.

60-days money back guarantee – Whenever I see that there is a money back guarantee, I get a bit more convinced that the diet is really working.

It means that the creator is confident in what he/she made and they promise to return the money if their customers see no results in a certain period of time.

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The benefits of using the Paleohacks Cookbook

Guys. Guys. If you’re struggling with fatigue, weakness, complexed skin, cellulite, damaged hair or just feel unwell generally, please try out this cookbook. I promise you will notice improvements in a short period of time, just like I did.

I noticed the first improvements a few days into my new diet and lifestyle.

I was able to get up in the morning without clicking “snooze” 10 times like previously (I know you all do this, admit it!).

2 weeks in and my skin changed. Previously it was dry, gloomy and with uneven color whereas now, it’s looking fresh, young and with an even color.

A month in and I was as good as new. Cellulite, excess fat, what was that? I don’t even remember those words.

Losing weight was honestly between the last things on my list, but I did that too.

My belly is now flat and not wiggling as before when I walked. And that excess skin, or fat, or whatever that thing under your arm is called – that’s gone too.

And don’t worry if you are an inexperienced cook. I too suck at cooking, but everything is so simply laid out that the chances of you messing up are minimal, trust me.

What I loved about the Paleohacks cookbook

There are a few things that I really loved about the cookbook:

Instant access after purchase – as soon as I paid for the cookbook, I received all the files and was ready to start my new life. No waiting, no additional postal or transporting costs.

Simplicity – everything in the cookbooks was simple to understand and simple to make.

Diversity – this wasn’t the typical dieting plan with strict eating schedules and meals that were bland and tasteless. Instead, I ate full course meals with different ingredients that were fresh and healthy for my body.

Healthy options – every single ingredient in the cookbook was carefully chosen so it can benefit my body and bring it in a healthier state than before. Thanks to it, I always knew what I ate and more importantly, why I ate it.

No additional costs for supplements – this is one of the few cookbooks that doesn’t force you into buying additional supplements to replace what you lack in the diet.

There is not even a need for it because everything your body needs; every nutrient can be found in the meals.

It comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee – only a handful of diets offer a full money-back guarantee. That’s how confident the creator is in the cookbook.


Potential downsides:

Available only in electronic version – for those people that love to read, you might not like the fact that the cookbook can only be viewed in an electronic version.

Requires meal prepping time – after all, this is a cookbook. You will need to dedicate time to go grocery shopping, prepare and cook the meals and follow the instructions 24/7.

This can take up some time and effort, so you really have to get yourself in the right mindset and be determined to succeed.

Not enough photos – this wasn’t a downside for me personally, but I noticed there were a few online comments of people saying they wanted more photos of the meals and the cooking process.

Conclusion: Very Satisfied With the Paleohacks Cookbook

I can’t even begin to explain how much my life has changed in the last few months. I don’t have cellulite nor excess fat anymore, and I don’t cover myself up with tons of clothes.

I have nothing to hide now.

I’m able to wear dresses and swimsuits without feeling ashamed of my body.

My skin and hair look healthier and shinier than before, so I finally look my age, which really brought back the confidence I lost.

And, my love life is blooming because of it. Previously, I was always standing alone while my friends got courted, but after a few weeks on the diet guys came up to me and complimented my looks every time I was out.

So, I started going out on dates more frequently, which is how I met my current boyfriend.

I’m even happier with him now and let me tell you, after a few years of it, I’m no longer a celibate!

I don’t even feel tired as before and I don’t experience episodes of brain fog.

Even fatigue has become a foreign word to me. Because of the healthy diet, my blood flow has improved tremendously, which allows my brain to get more oxygen and with it, I have more energy throughout the day to do all the chores, go to work, do some exercise and even go out with my friends regularly.

But the best benefits I experienced weren’t even the physical ones. What I got back was myself.

I’m back to being the old, positive person that wants to be around people and make them happy. I’m no longer just a person that sits in the corner, depressed and unwilling to do anything.

Everyone noticed that change in me and complimented on how happy I looked, which is exactly how I felt.

What can I say… my life is more complete now. I have everything I’ve wanted – friends, health, youth, and most importantly, happiness.

And I got all that thanks to a $13 cookbook. I’m now a proof to everyone that by dedicating yourself and making a few simple changes in your habits, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Don’t forget to check and see if the discount is still available here <<.

Well, thanks for reading this review about the Half Day Diet by Nate Miyaki.

I hope it answered any questions you may have but if you do have any questions please do feel free to leave me a comment below…

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