XYZ Collagen Review

Having a wrinkles-free face with smooth and soft skin can be very hard to achieve, especially as time goes by and age takes over.

I know that most of us try to cover the imperfections of our skin by simply using makeup but the harsh truth is that the wrinkles are still there after you remove it.

I also know that there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of creams on the market that promise you a solution to your problems.

But before you decide you buy a cream, it’s important to learn why and how wrinkles actually appear.

Also, you should know that there are internal factors that contribute to the appearance of wrinkles such as the production of collagen and external factors like pollution, solar radiation, and smoking.

Collagen is among the top factors in aging since it’s a protein that is responsible for giving your skin firmness and elasticity.

If your body produces large amounts of collagen, your skin would look amazing all of the time, and the opposite, if it doesn’t, your skin would start to wrinkle.

Our bodies are designed to stop creating additional amounts of collagen once we hit 30 which is the time our skin will need more collagen to prevent the wrinkles from appearing.

Among products that contain collagen, is also the XYZ Smart Collagen that we are going to analyze today with all of its benefits and possible side effects.

XYZ Smart Collagen: What is it?

XYZ Smart Collagen is a collagen-based cream that will give you the much wanted youthful skin.

The goal of the cream is to stop the signs of aging and keep the skin smooth by providing you with the collagen that your skin needs to remain wrinkles-free and elastic. 

By using this cream on a regular basis, your skin will look up to 7.5 years younger and you will have the beautiful skin you always wanted in just 12 weeks.

In addition to this, the cream is 100% organic which means that your skin won’t be damaged by using it at all.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that helps our skin remain healthy.

However, as we grow old, the collagen production in our bodies decreases and as a result, we get wrinkled, thin and damaged skin complexions.

And by the time we reach 40, the collagen production decreases by more than 50 percent so having some kind of cream to maintain the collagen levels in your body is extremely important.

Collagen is in a higher percentage in our body than any other protein because it’s the main component of connective tissues.

This protein helps our skin to look firm and smooth and reduces the aging of the skin at the same time.

The wrinkly skin that we get once we hit 30 or 40, is a signal for old age.

The XYZ Smart Collagen cream has natural ingredients that will boost your skin into producing more collagen so you can look younger longer.

Manufacturer’s Information

The manufacturer of the cream is a brand called Wolfson Berg Limited, a company dedicated to developing beauty products for more than ten years. 

All of the products have been tested and proven to work. They also have amazing customer service and you can contact them via phone, chat or email.


The cream is made from a South African plant named Bulbine Frutescens. The extracts of this amazing plant have two compounds that improve collagen production: 

  • The first compound is the Acetylated Polymannose which is responsible for boosting the collagen production 
  • The second compound is Knipholone which stops the decomposition of the collagen that is already in our body reserves.

The ultimate goal of the cream is to increase the production of collagen and stop the degradation of protein in the body which is essential in the fight to stop the skin from aging.

All ingredients are organic and natural so they will not cause damage to your skin.

The cream is also completely vegan and doesn’t contain any artificial elements, so it’s safe to use by those who have gentle skin as well.

What are the Active Ingredients in XYZ Smart Collagen?

As mentioned previously, the XYZ Smart Collagen uses the extracts of the Bulbine Frutescens- the South African plant made of two major compounds that help the production of collagen and decomposition of the collagen reserves.

Acetylated Polymannose

Known as Acemannan, Acetylated Polymannose is a polysaccharide chain that stimulates the fibroblasts in our skin which later produces high-quality collagen.

The Fibroblasts are actually a fibrous building block of collagen, bone, and cartilage but if they get overstimulated, they can produce too much collagen.

Although this sounds good at first, too much collagen means low-quality collagen that is actually useless for the skin.


Knipholone, the second compound in the XYZ Smart Collagen is the compound responsible for lowering the rate of collagen breakdown and decreasing the production of the low-quality collagen.

This compound works by blocking the leukotriene synthesis, a process responsible for a lot of conditions that cause inflammation.

Other Ingredients

Natural products such as rose water are also part of the XYZ collagen formula.

The company fulfills all of the environmental standards in harvesting the ingredients so the entire product is made naturally and sustainably. Some of the notable certifications of the products include:

  • COSMOS Certified
  • Nagoya Compliant
  • Ecocert Listed
  • Certified Organic

Palm oils and palm kernel oils are never used. Palm oil comes from the fruit of the palm tree and its harvesting has created many environmental problems.

The unchecked harvesting led the palm plantations to expand into massive ecosystems that are threatening some animals into extinction.

What is TGF-?

TGF stimulates fibroblast cells in the skin, causing them to produce more collagen.

It also activates the release of leukotrienes which send excess collagen into the skin.

The XYZ Smart Collagen cream prevents this by controlling the rage of the newly produced collagen and switches the synthesis of leukotriene which means that the collagen production will increase without any harmful side effects.

Are the Ingredients Regulated?

The XYZ Smart collagen is formulated according to the highest industry standards and is a certified natural product made from sustainable materials.

It doesn’t contain artificial ingredients, palm oils or mineral palm and is completely vegan.

The raw materials that are used in the production of the XYZ Collagen are fresh since the company uses a method that involves cold-pressing the plant leaves to extract the maximum amount of pure extract and retain all active compounds.

This is much better than the blade-based methods which can damage all of the active ingredients.


Benefits of XYZ Smart Collagen

The XYZ Smart Collagen will help you improve your skin texture by hydrating it which will give it a youthful appearance.

The cream will also decrease wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen, so you can have a firmer and more elastic skin which will ultimately reduce wrinkles.

By using this cream regularly, you will notice soon enough that your skin will begin to tone all traces of flaccidity will disappear.

It also helps tattooed or damaged skin and preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

Does it really work?

This cream was checked many times and the results have proven how its daily use can reduce the aging of the skin.

The results of using it will be seen in the first few weeks of use but you will see the real effects of this cream by the end of 12 weeks of use.

You will have fewer wrinkles and lines on the face, the flaccid skin will lift and your skin will become firmer and more toned thanks to the increased collagen production.

A study was conducted to prove the effects of the cream.

A team of female volunteers used the cream to prove the before and after effects and it was concluded that the XYZ Smart Collagen reduces the effects of aging on the skin by more than 7 years.

At week 12, the tests showed that the women who followed the directions for proper usage got the best results.

The directions included wearing sunscreen, washing their faces twice a day and using the cream on a regular basis.

All women that did this ended up with smoother skin and fewer wrinkles than the others.

Another dermatology test was conducted to confirm the effects of the product. 21 women aged 45 to 65 years were involved in a study controlled by placebo and used the product twice a day for 84 days.

Women that followed the directions showed clear signs of a firmer and smoother skin in all age groups.

Where to Buy XYZ Smart Collagen

Buy the product from the official website to be sure that you are buying an authentic, original product and get a money-back guarantee.

You can easily find the XYZ Smart Collagen in Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Spain, The US, The UK, and New Zealand.

Be careful if you are buying from websites like Walmart, Amazon or eBay.

If you find your local store selling this product, don’t purchase it because the product is only available online.


Who Can Use XYZ Smart Collagen?

This product can be used by anyone that wants to reduce the signs of aging. Besides wrinkles, it’s also known to reduce smile lines and fine lines.

The cream can also help you eliminate acne scars, smooth out the rough skin and tighten the sagging skin you have.

There are no known adverse effects to pregnant women their unborn babies and here are plenty of testimonials of pregnant women who used the cream with no side effects.

Is XYZ Smart Collagen Expensive?

This product is one of the very few affordable solutions you can get these days. You can get it for an excellent price from the manufacturers’ website.

You can also get free delivery for all orders in the US. The prices can change so always keep track to know when they offer the best price on the website.

The seller also offers multiple payment methods such as debit and credit card or PayPal.

Shipping fees can be included for buyers outside the US. Wolfson Berg Limited also offers a return policy which requires the buyers to return the product in the 14 days after receipt.

The shipping costs will be covered by the buyer and it has to be returned in its original state without damages.

How Soon Do the Results Show?

Just like any other product, a certain time has to pass before you notice the real results.

But the good thing about this skin solution is that it doesn’t take too long.

According to the XYZ Smart Collagen reviews, many people started noticing a difference in their skin after a few days of applying the cream the first time.

After about 80 days of use, you should see the real benefits.

However, there were people who saw huge benefits in only two weeks of using the cream. it’s also very important that you stay consistent with the cream application.

Does it have side effects?

There are no previous records of side effects while using this cream. It’s important to remember that this cream is made with natural ingredients.

How to use it? 

Apply the cream on your face with gentle upward movements to spread it out.

Apply the cream carefully around the area of the eyes and avoid contact with the lower eyelids. Repeat this process twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime.

Are There Any Side Effects of XYZ Smart Collagen?

There are no side effects reported by users. XYZ Smart Collagen is made using high-quality ingredients that meet the standards and it also has many certifications.

Is XYZ Smart Collagen a Scam?

Of course not. With the abundance of case studies, evidence and research, it can be clearly confirmed that the product is not a scam.

Keep in mind that there have been reports of counterfeit products with fake labels that tried to imitate XYZ Smart Collagen, which could be easily found on eBay or Amazon.

It’s important to always order your product directly from the official website of the company.

XYZ Smart Collagen Review: Final Verdict

XYZ Smart Collagen case studies and reviews are proof that this product will give you the wanted results in 12 weeks.

You should use this product by following the exact guidelines above.

Dermatologists advise having a strict daily routine that includes washing your face and neck twice a day and applying the cream afterward.

By doing this, you will remove the dirt on your skin so the cream can penetrate effectively in the pores.

The XYZ Smart Collagen cream has a perfect formula to reduce skin aging.

The powerful ingredients will help you reduce wrinkles and lines, your skin will have improved texture, and you will achieve that youthful look everyone wants.

The product is designed by a reliable company and you can feel free to contact them at any time. 

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